‘Euphoria – an eve to remember’ at JTPac tomorrow

euphoriaOur own Indi-rock band Euphoria (The Dhoom Pichak Boys) will be performing live at JTPac, Cochin on 25th February, 6:30pm. The band is all set with their lead singer Palash Sen to hit the stage and to keep you rocking throughout the show. This is definitely gonna be an evening to remember. Euphoria is the first band to bring the rock culture to India, mixing electric guitar with traditional instruments like the tabla and the dholak. Hailing from India’s capital city Delhi, Euphoria is a rock band with a twist, in that they play rock music in Hindi! They call it ‘Hind-Rock’. The group was put together by Dr. Palash Sen, an orthopedician by profession but a musician by passion and who doubles up as writer, music director, and lead vocalist for Euphoria. Their first album ‘Dhoom’ was released in the year 1998 and was a massive hit. This was followed by a succession of hit albums ‘Phir Dhoom’ in 2000 and ‘Aana Meri Gali’ in 2003. Their latest creation is titled ‘ITEM’ and the audience at JTPac will be privileged to listen to it LIVE on February 25th!

Come and experience the vibrantly different beat of Hind-Rock! Experience Euphoria!