Esperanza 2011 is the Techno-cultural fest organized by the Computer Science and Engineering department of Government College of Engineering Kannur (GCEK). This event is a national level event and the sole purpose of the event is to bring out the best of all budding engineers who are going to mould the future of the country into prosperity and technical excellence. It has all that you can think about from technical areas to exercise your brains to literal gardens for your thoughts to flourish into ideas. Come and join the colours of Esperanza 2011.

Dates: September 16, 17, 18

The Highlight of the Event is the 2 Day Ethical hacking Workshop – the Hack Fiesta – by Mr. Sunny Vaghela.

The Technical Events – Tecnicos – September 16

  1. 1. Pentathlon: Pentathlon is a combination of FIVE events. One person will participate
    1. a. Prelims : First Round will be Prelims which selects the brilliant minds for the final rounds
    2. b. Keyboard Mania : Finish a set of Given Tasks by using only a Keyboard
    3. c. C – Debugging : Find out and Correct the Errors in a C Programs
    4. d. Hardware Debugging : Rectify the Errors in the given hardware system
    5. e. Programming : Find out a Solution for a Given Problem
    6. 2. Relay Programming: Team Event of 3 Members. After the first round of prelims, in the final round contains 3 questions. Each person will do each program. After a certain time interval, there will be rotation. 1st person will do 2nd program, 2nd do 3rd and 3rd do 1st.  Total of 2 rotations i.e. everyone will have to do every program.
    7. 3. Web da Vinci: Web designing event with 2 members per team. After the prelims, the final will have questions other than just to design a website.
    8. 4. Hunt me Down: It is difficult to get some data. But it is easy if you know where to search for.
    9. 5. Encuesta: Quiz program. 2 Per team.

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Contact : Roopak A N : 8891261489

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