English Play “Broken Images” playing at JTPac

JT pac will be hosting an English play called the “Broken Images”, on  December 11, 2010.

The play stars Shabana Azmi. Broken Images is a one act performer play and is a  psychological thriller that rips the mask off a celebrity. The play tells the story of Manjula Nayak, a professor of English literature who has been an unsuccessful writer in Hindi. The main attraction of the event / play is that, its  the first time, three theatre legends- actor Shabana Azmi, writer Girish Karnad and director Alyque Padamsee – come together.  Karnad claims Broken Images is India’s first post modernist play.

Broken Images has been staging in India and abroad since December 2009 and got positive reviews from critics. For those interested watching the play JTPac has online booking facility : www.jtpac.org/showdetails.php?id=44