Edyounet launches India’s first tele-classroom network

Kochi-based Edyounet Technologies launched India’s first tele-classroom network on April 28, 2010 at Hotel International, Kochi.

A tele-classroom is a concept introduced with the aim of providing quality education from various institutes in India and abroad to the students residing in remote villages and small towns of India.

A tele-classroom has a large LCD screen, computers and other equipments that enable to conduct classes from educational studios set up in cities to transmit classroom sessions through Internet connectivity. Two-way communication is a notable feature of tele-classroom. Students and teachers can interact with each other like in a real classroom, though they may be located miles apart.

Mr.Ram Mohan, Chief Executive Officer, Edyounet Technologies believes the new concept can bring down the cost of education.

Teleclassroom, definitely seems to be an interesting concept as it could reach those who have cut down on their educational dreams due to financial constraints or for the inability to travel and reside in a far away city or for any other reason.  In the days to come, you and I are probably going to sit in a tele-classroom studio and learn a new language or dance or a management topic from a reputed institute being imparted through Edyounet. Happy learning!

For more information: www.edyounet.com<