Domination – Exhibition at Kashi Art gallery

Abul Hisham KH’S solo exhibition “DOMINATION” will be opening on this Friday, august 13 at Kashi Art gallery, Burgher Street, Fort Cochin. The exhibition will continue till the end of august.

Abulhisham is a recent graduate from the Govt Fine Arts College, Thrissur.  This is his first solo show. The exhibition is titled Domination. Abulhisham‘s artwork playfully explores the notion of authority and domination and the process of rebellion.   He incongruously positions uniforms, classic icons of authority, by having dwarfs, demons, or the physically hindered wear them.  In some cases, the uniform is left empty, precariously dangling from a stick.  If an able bodied person is wearing a uniform, it is of garish color and design; eradicated of any dignity generally associated with such a costume.

Abulhisham’s work recognizes the necessity of authority, despite its potentially undesirable qualities while simultaneously reminding us to acknowledge and hopefully even respect the rebel’s role.