Cycle clubs are here in Kochi!!

Yes, it is in Kochi now! With the increasing petrol rates people are surely to find an alternative for the mode of transport. Don’t have a bicycle when you need it?? Leave the worries as you can avail cycle at any time from the new cycling club started in Kochi by a Trivandrum native Athiroop who had obtained success by starting cycling clubs in Trivandrum.

This new step towards the mode of transport is surely to go a long way as the rates are cheap and the product is obviously useful. All you have to do is to send a message to 9645511155 to be a member of the club. Cycle racks have been established in different parts of the city and you can avail the cycles then and there. You have to send the chain number of the respective cycle and the lock number will be send back to you in the mobile. After use you can keep the cycles in any rack you want.

The charges for use are 2 rupees per hour and 50 rupees for a month. You have to put the money in the drop box at the cycle rack and you have to message the last four numbers of the last note you drop. Cycle racks have been established at Kaloor, north railway station, Kacheripady, Jetty, Padma etc. More racks will be established at different parts of the city soon.

This cycling club will be a major step towards the petrol rate increment and for the better lifestyle of the people in Kochi. What do you guys have to say about this cycling club which plays a major role in the future mode of transportation?


  • Very Impressive and good work, Kochi club and all Keralite brothers involve behind it. Even I am also very much concern about the environment, that why even after staying in most luxurious city like Dubai, daily I am going to office and coming back by bicycle. It is just 5 KM to office and this way every day I am riding 10KM bicycle. I am having a good car, but I using my car when I have to go for a long distance or while going with my family. The only difference is I am riding a good sports bicycle with many gears and believe me I am getting many advantages like fitness and I am avoiding lots of health problems etc and it is also very economical. The cost of bike I covered within year of purchase by saving petrol, maintenance of car and parking fees.

    In India we have a strong concept is that the cycling is the poor man’s transport machine, but it is wrong. If you will take US, Europe and China, most of the people prefer to travel short distance by bicycle. It not only good for the environment, it is very good for health also. The executives should go for a good sport bicycles. A rider on a good and clean sport bicycle looks very dashing and if we will ride continuously three to four months, he (or she) can
    reduce his or her health problems like Obesity, Sugar levels, cholesterol etc.

  • It is a great initiative . It may be too early to discuss on cycling tracks on our roads , but we need to create awareness among the motorists on respecting the pedestrians & the bikers on road .

  • this is exactly what ive been looking for, i live in kakkanad, how can i get access to these facilities?