Csharks Games take intoxicated “Mathai” to the iphone!

Our “Mathai” goes up on a coconut tree and gets drunk on a pot of toddy and gets stuck up on the tree. Its up to you to keep mathai balancing so that he does not fall down.

I first played this game from Csharks Games & Solutions, a gaming development company based out of Kochi a few years ago. I was totally in love with the game and its simplicity. Now Csharks have brought the “Balancing Mathai” to the iphone and it works great with the tilt and touch mode.

You can play the game online here РBalancing Mathai if you do not own an iphone.  Click here to go to the iphone version.

So folks, our naadan toddy and our drinking habits is now world famous! We can certainly hope for more of Kerala based games from Csharks for the iphone in the future. Do let us know what you think about the game in the comments  below.