November 29, 2008    

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  1. Please call me Antony

  2. sanish

    an error in-“Dr. Shashi Tharoor flagged off the ‘I am an Entrepreneur’ Campaign”

    He also pointed out that failure as an entrepreneur is only a learning phase for “buddung” entrepreneurship.

  3. Anand Contact form is not working. …. Bugs …. Copying and pasting the same for comments 😉

    Hi Anand ,
    I have added a comment for the post. Can you please edit the comment to change the link of the picture of orkut to this blog ?

    The picture is there , rather than going for the big link I think . If so please do it .

    Also for the contact page I am wondering that there is no border for input box and not able to see it. Do u have such a problem ? If so please fix it.
    It was a great work to make this blog a wonderful one .
    Good luck . Seems the contact page is not working . Bugs :)

  4. […] institution from kochi or elsewhere and would like to jump into the exciting world of blogging, contact Mr. Kevin Babu, event co-ordinator at, +91 99953 93631 to attend this lifetime […]

  5. […] institution from kochi or elsewhere and would like to jump into the exciting world of blogging, contact Mr. Kevin Babu, event co-ordinator at, +91 99953 93631 to attend this lifetime […]

  6. V Srinivasan

    Malayala Manorama has reported on Page 2 of their 30th April 2010 edition that buses will not be allowed to ply between DCC Junction and Ravipuram Junction on the M G Road.

    This is sheer foolishness for the following reasons
    01) The buses carry many times the number of people travelling in cars and total man hours lost due to the detour willbe very high.
    02) The roads selected [Kalathiparambu Road, KSN Menon Road, VRM Road] are very narrow and are not fit for heavy vehicles.

    The traffic police should have diverted light vehicles through these roads and left the broader M G Road for heavy vehicles.

    I think bus users are entitled to a better deal.

  7. clement jude

     pls give the update for Cochin

  8. Tim

    hey! can any one please tel me whom to contact to take part in the heart miles marathon???

  9. Sajan

    hello sir,
    I’m Sajan from Trivandrum.I want 1 ticket for India vs Australia cricket match. I think, its delivered through Federal Bank only. But, I don’t have an account yet. So, I cant access the ticket. Is there is any other option to register the ticket? If yes, please mail me or call me (+91 890 77 22 817)

  10. surjeet

    space for rent





  12. DEGAS

    hi anand,
    am scheduled to flying on 2nd week of march.can i meet you.
    my resi nbr 0484 2435895

  13. navy job details

  14. chain4152

    The main Rly Stations in the City of Cochin (despite the fact thatERNKLAM became a prt of COCHIN Corporation ,in the late 1967 or so) continue to known as -NORTH-Ernakulam Town and SOUTH -Ernakulam JUNCTIOn , as if the existance of COCHIN CITY or KOCHI is of no concern to the Rlys, which is very strange …Consequently, There is lot of confusion about COCHIN -KOCHI – ERNAKULAM , in the minds of many non- Keralite travellers, /visitors to the City…. .It wil b in the best interests of the City and its growing prominance besides the conveniance of its citizans, the two Rly Stations could be renamed COCHIN CENTRAL or COCHIN CITY or atleast the name KOCHI added to the word ERNAKULAM, by the Rly Station authorities….This will be a major step towards recognising though belated, importance of the City and to restore the glory of citizens pride.. aLWAYS REMEMBER one thing that every majoer City-baring one or two – has its Rly. Stations in the same name as the City itself…Then, WHY NOT C O C H I N OR KOCHI???????

  15. ANFAL


    i want to know the details of reva…price,battery capacity,how many power want to a full charge etc….

  16. painayil muvattupuzha

    Muvattupuzha is the Sub-City of Kochi and it has plans to become a
    residential hub for kakkanadu as an IT Hub.

    My building is located at Muvattupuzha town NH 85 (Kochi- Madura- Dhanushkodi) new business centre,
    bypass road, opposite Hanuman Temple, near to European Market,
    Municipal Stadium Complex, Punjab National Bank, Sundaram Finance,
    Muthoot Finance, Chevrolet showroom and Maruthi Indus Showroom. Ground
    floor leased to SUZUKI automobiles, Total area is 2,200 Sq.Ft.
    spacious car parking area is available, well water is available, electricity is available, rest rooms are available.(attached
    building photo)

    My another building is located at Muvattupuzha town NH 85 (Kochi- Madura- Dhanushkodi) headed to
    Munnar near to Popular Hyundai Showroom, Maruthi Indus Showroom, RF Tata Showroom, Royal Bakery
    Reliance Petrol Pump and Al-Noor Dental College. Some spaces occupied by Alwaye Motors and Wellfit Autocare. The total ground area
    is 9,000 Sq.Ft. rest rooms are available, well water is available,
    electricity is available, spacious car parking area. (Attached building photo)

    Your kind consideration and favorable decision would be highly appreciated.
    Kind regards

    Painayil Muvattupuzha
    Eng. Arshal: 9745975454
    Mr. Prasad: 9539405252

  17. Hi,

    I would like to know whether there is an option to put news about an Asthma Cure center located at kottayam.
    Because there are lots of people suffering from asthma and dont get a real relief from the same. So through this portal,
    we can let the asthma suffers aware that asthma can be cured. now none of the hospital or medicines say asthma can be cured. here it offers.

    Please reply back.


    Johnson Joseph

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