Congrats Mr Ratan Tata and your team for Nano

Congratulations Mr Ratan Tata and Tata Motors.

The long wait is finally over. We got our first look at the people’s car designed by Mr Ratan Tata and his team at Tata Motors. The cute car with large internal space and compact size has surpassed all our expectations. The safety features and emission standards have silenced the environmentalists. The two-wheeler owners with wife and two children can now look forward to a more safe and comfortable drive at a little extra cost. Also the launch of Nano puts Tata and India on a very competitive edge in the ever growing small car industry on the world map.

In an interview, Mr Ratan Tata is reported to have wondered whether Tata Motors should open driving schools. This was his reaction to a question about the atrocious driving habits of many motorists on our roads.

I feel that Mr Ratan Tata should provide simulators in his dealerships, so that the purchasers of Nano can get a feel of the car and at the same time be educated in safe and good driving habits. Purchasers of Tata cars can be given 10 hours of free training. This will contribute to safer roads and generate a lot of goodwill for Tata Motors.