Cochin vs Kochi vs Ernakulam


January 24, 2011

2 thoughts on “Cochin vs Kochi vs Ernakulam

  1. Let me guess – they don’t sell mosquito spray anywhere do they? And I’ll bet you can’t even buy a bag of ice anymore can you? (just recently – like the last year.) The mosquito coils are so cheap they smell like wet but then dried cardboard burning in the room with you and they don’t work because there’s no medicine in them because they’re a phony baloney knock off of the real product. No Ant spray either. (I’ll bet)I know all these problems from the other similar countries I’ve visited but I’ve never been here yet. I’ll still go anyway if I get round to it. Each country has it’s little thing that you can’t buy from a typical list of things you usually need to buy. I don’t understand this.

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