Cochin to become Cleaner Greener with a new Waste to Energy Plant

To keep the city cleaner and greener, a new project is coming to the city. A project to generate bio-products and also electricity from the Solid waste of the city will be setup soon in the city.  Loro Marketing and Trading Pvt Ltd, an Abu-Dhabi-based business group of NRIs, is coming to Cochin with this new project to dispose waste with the help of Irish-based Wilson technology, known for waste management and green energy production.

Kochites are finding it so hard to survive in the city without the proper waste disposal methods or hygiene. The new project will encourage people to dispose the waste in the proper way and also produce energy and at the same keeping the city clean and green.

The project requires 10 acres of land where,1,60,000 tonnes of waste per annum can be consumed and can generate 9 mw (mega watt) of electricity per hour, of which one MW will be consumed by the plant for its functioning. With no carbon emissions, the plant can be set up within the city. Its by-products are eco-friendly bio-mass products which can be used for organic farming. Hopefully by setting this up no new names will be added to the disease list that has been affecting the state in the previous years.

Soon we can see a Waste free, clean Cochin city. Feel free to add your comments. We are expecting an open discussion on this topic.

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