Cochin Metro Rail Update

cochin-metro-railIf things go well, Kochites might soon be travelling in world class metro rail. EMRC (Ernakulam Metro Rail Corporation) is all set to open office in the much controversial space in the IInd Floor of Eastern Building of Ernakulam South Railway Station.

Around 50 Lakh rupees have been alloted by the government and the new office of Cochin Metro Rail is expected to house technical and civil staff of the EMRC. With the delay on the project being more than 3 years now, that too just to start office, it seems the Cochinites will have to wait a tad longer to wiz around in the metro rail ūüôā They will have to spend a bit longer travelling by other means back home after a hard day at the office, so they can relax and play

What do you think about this ambitious project by the Cochin Corporation (GCDA)? Let us know in the comments!


  • i dont think so the metro rail project come soon to cochin because there will be always union problems because of union problem cochin is not going to improve in such activites for examples no improvement in (IT) field in cochin due to lot hartals and banth the mnc company are not will to start any of their project in the city and they start thier project in ohter states it is all due to union problem in kerala the govt has to stop this to improve our state

  • I am a Delhi ite and believe that if an icon like E Sreedharan is a consultatnt to this project then nothing is impossible. Also, people in Kerala have to realise that for a Government to implement its long term policies 5 years is not enough. Whicever be the Government – Left or Congress people have to give either of these a 10 year term….. Look at Delhi – Gujarat

  • Now it’s all about coordination of different departments of the Government for the timely implementation of the Project and also the sanctioning from the Central Government for the funds required.

    Why is PPP always ignored by this Government.? This would have made things a bit more quicker.

  • Its a good project…But who knows when it comes to light????
    The government seems to be lagging the project!!!!!

  • Kerala thil oru pinnakkum nadakkila…agapade ullathu oru nedumbaserry,oru technopark & infopark.. vere enthundu kerala thil smartcity evide poyi ?
    ….addhyam vrithiketta union kaare thalli oodikkanam..pinne kore politicians ne…
    enittu ee sambhavam okke kondu varanam.. tamil nadine kandu padikku..metro rail evidem vare aayi ennu..IT parks evidem vare kidilam orennam varan pogunnu…

  • Facts said by Mr. Tito is the truth….
    Government can raise funds but, wat use if they falls into ¬†the pockets of politicians…
    Atleast they should c & learn the politicians of tamilnadu & b’lore…..
    “Avanmar cashu mukkiyallum enthagillumokkey undakkum….Pakshe evudey mukkal mathramey ullu”

  • I support Mr CM .. tamilnadu and most other states are more corrupted than Kerala..but avanmar 80% mukkiyalum 20% use cheyyum..athu kondanu ethrayum ¬†engilum development. Kerala onnumgil 100% mukkum..ellengil angottum engottum aareyum mukkanum sammadhikilla..Karunakaran mukki..pakshe nedumbaserry undayi .. Am I correct ?¬†

  • Absolutely rite Mr.Tito…He is the only politician tht i still like….
    Even though he b a little curious abt his son(which any dad would b), he has still the capacity to take us to a much good standard….but 4 our bad he’s too old nw 8(
    Not only the nedumbaserry….much more was done by him….i still rembr tht, durin his governin we nevr or had the very less powercuts…or things like tht…& also good standard of livin…8)

  • I am not being polar or bi polar .. but I like achumaman too..But chila pezhacha perum kallanmar aa nalla manushante fuse oori eduthu..eniku athu orkumbol eetho oru cinema ile..murali neyum mohanlalineyum aanu orma varunathu…The Don and CP ūüôā

  • Cochin metro is not going to come, b’coz politicians & union people r not only the suspects. Trivandrum People also gives us jack for the project, B’coz they say they want it, been the capital of the state no big projects are comming there. Every one is eying on cochin. That’s the typical tiruvanatapuram nature. Patty poollu thinnum illa theetikeyum illa.

  • Drop the metro….build atleast som flyovers…..complete the other unfinished projects…..
    The Traffic is jus a horrible!!!! 

  • Malkinson, CM,

    I dont think any Trivandrumite has demanded Metro to be taken away from Kochi. Of course, some had demanded Metro in Tvm too. But that was found unviable by DMRC and dropped since. Moreover, KV Thomas recently stated that Metro will clear the final hurdle soon – Central Cabinet sanction after the financial participation issue was sorted out. So there is a good probability that Metro gets green signal when it comes before Union cabinet next time.

  • This is the only place on earth where things are¬†difficult to execute. We keralites¬†¬†behave ¬†as if we are allergic to¬†modernization .¬†Whether it’s smart city or any infrastructure development project we always tried to express our agitation. Ages back it was computerization now smart city, metro, express highway. Folks i think we need a long way to go to set our mind set on track to keep par with other states. Forget about metro. ¬†¬†¬†¬†

  • last day some mp’s from kerala had a meeting with prime minister ,and pm said that he would take personal interest in having kochi metro,good luck city lovers¬†

  • ya dan¬†you’re¬†correct but ,tvm’s who have political influence is trying to slow down¬†Cochin¬†,cant blame them as they just want¬†their¬†city on top ,(even though thats never going to happen),they’l do whatever they can its just city¬†maniac-ism¬†no-thin¬†else.

  • today 18th of march 2010 ,the state govt of kerala ¬†gave instruction to the dmrc to start work on road widening and pillar works,not waiting for central approval ,and beliving ¬†to get it soon , 6 % of the project money will be given to dmrc as consultation fees.

  • i think that cochin square should work more on updating news ,so that ur readers dont need to do it,try better,!:-\

  • If there was some¬†discipline¬†and the law was upheld by the citizens of kochi , I think the traffic¬†wouldn’t¬†be chaotic, the city traffic police should do more—–some¬†suggestions
    heavy vehicles should not be allowed to ply during j heavy traffic hours,¬†transport¬†buses should be allowed to ply only on the outer lanes ¬†of the road.people. no parking of cars on the side roads every thing seems to be concentrated in the center of the city, cant the city co-operation seem to do any thing —- they are the voted representatives , its time they raked their brains or be prepared to be voted out next time .

  • first upon i would like to say something about our great cochi. Its a great place with lot of historic backgrounds n business firm as well.So everyone is expecting the metro rail and obviously it will be useful.The government must take consolidate decisions regarding this. When we comapre the development of kanataka and tamil nadu; it is very shameful for us . And the last decision lies on the political parties as well.Hope for the best.¬†

  • Hmm…V can dream.!!!.If things go well V can travel in that world class metro after 15 years..U people are not living in kerala? Even a textiles lady can stop the whole land acquiring process here!! Have a sound sleep over realities…Then v can have our metro ride in wild dreams ūüôā

  • You are right Mr.Haque. The laid back attitude of the Kerala govt will reflect in each and every mega project coming here. Cochiners should stop dreaming.

  • The difference between Kerala and other states like Tamil Nadu is that the politicians here only look at their own good and can’t care less about the state or the people. We don’t need a metro in Cochin to use up whatever little space the narrow roads have. We just need wide roads and effective policing of traffic rules.

  • What we lack is accountability on the part of the Govt and Ministers, which should be set on a priority basis. In addition an amendment in constitution to protect infrastructure development etc. will benefit projects like Cochin Metro or any ambitious project of national interest.

  • What we need is a stable govt with educated Ministers & literate CM ambitious to growth& this team should be in power for atleast 10 years. Then see where we stand after 10 years (even less). The common public should keep a close watch on all growth projects and its progress just like what some media do right now, and offenders / frauds should be brought to public. Can we prepare ourselves for the forthcoming election with this motive in mind. No need to mention which Front is anti-growth and pro, which we all know. Remember IT IS NOT THE PROSPERITY THAT BRINGS GOOD ROADS TO US, RATHER ITS THE GOOD ROADS THAT BRING PROSPERITY TO US. So let us start from that level, rails and roads. Together WE CAN DO IT.