Cochin Metro Rail Update

January 26, 2009    
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cochin-metro-railIf things go well, Kochites might soon be travelling in world class metro rail. EMRC (Ernakulam Metro Rail Corporation) is all set to open office in the much controversial space in the IInd Floor of Eastern Building of Ernakulam South Railway Station.

Around 50 Lakh rupees have been alloted by the government and the new office of Cochin Metro Rail is expected to house technical and civil staff of the EMRC. With the delay on the project being more than 3 years now, that too just to start office, it seems the Cochinites will have to wait a tad longer to wiz around in the metro rail :) They will have to spend a bit longer travelling by other means back home after a hard day at the office, so they can relax and play

What do you think about this ambitious project by the Cochin Corporation (GCDA)? Let us know in the comments!

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