Cochin gets an IPL team

Cochin’s IPL dream’s come true…A consortium of five companies headed by Shailendra Gaikwad won the bid for new IPL team for 1533 crores. Shashi tharoor’s help and support helped cochin to win an IPL team.

Kerala cricket association will develop a stadium with international standards for IPL. A new stadium is coming up in Eda kochi. Till the facilities are ready BCCI will provide an alternate venue for the IPL matches.

More news about the team including its name will be updated soon

The consortium that won the Cochin IPL franchise consists of Five companies including Rendezvous Sports World Limited,  Film waves, Parini development project, anchor earth,Anandshah developers

Sahara group won the bid for an IPL team and it will operate from Pune.


  • Great News !! I hope they dont come up wit some gay names!!! I heard City Cricketer is gonna be it, much like City Tigers in the old Malayalam movie of srini and jayaram !!
    Since its based in Kochi, i wud rather like to hav somethin like Kochi Knights or somethin of tat sort,mayb they cud hav a sms suggestion from general public for cooler names…and i really pray tat sreeshan is not a part of this team !! pls pls not him…:p

  • i just wan some cool name staring with kochi ; thats all ;and a good 11 players .,saffalamay ellam;

  • i think the name of kerela should consist a word which represents the great word “malayalee”,and so i can be like “MALAYALEES TASKS ON IPL”

  • I am very happy to here that our cochin got the IPL team, in the multi crore cash bonanza. Its a very big pride for our city to be in this fesivel of sports. So i really thank Mr. Sashi Tharoor sir & 5 other consortium of companies for taking the pain & effort to build an IPL team from kerala.
    And i like to request that the name should be in the name of our city. Plz dont use any flook names as city cricketers etc, the name should be superb like Manchester United football club (MUFC) RED DEVILS. Likewise Cochin United Cricket Club (CUCC) GODS OWN DEVILS. The name is a suggestion, if u d’snt like it plz ignore it, but plz use the name cochin in our team. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz . So we made it clear that Cochin is also there in the front runners among other Top Metros in INDIA.

  • Sir, plz forget the name “city cricketers” it’s going to be neither popular nor easy to proniunce name. It will sound like the ICL team. The name should have only two words unlike KKR or KXI. We wont dislike the name to be associated with any popular brand name which is part of the consortium. Or take a look at this name COCHIN CRICKET CLUB which in short will be called as “THE TRIPPLE C” or even “COCHIN SPORTS CLUB” in short as CSC, where the crowd wont have to use unnessary wordings viz. devils, knights, king etc or even super which are completely outdated . the guys who support my suggestion plz join a new orkut community named “the tripple c” those who dont , insted of blaming plz make ur own suggestions. The user id will be

  • Bravo! Shashi Tharoor! Only you could have done this! Its takes a true leader to bring together an effort. Kochi has outplayed big wig cities in getting an IPL team. This will surely contribute to the image of the city, various developments in terms of stadiums and hopefully roads… Long way to go Kochi…. a metro and now an IPL team…Regards the name … we have time. I think the name should reflect Kerala’s image as Gods own country – something like God’s own Kerala or Magnificent Mallus. Tharoor Sahib has said that he would like at least 6 mallu players in the team. We should have the best … and of course without Shreeshant..I just hope , he does not become the captain of Kochi IPL team!

  • i dont understand why everyone is giving so much importance for the name of the team???
    Why no one is interested abt the players who are going to win the game for us….whats the point of having a great name and loose all the match???anyways i have only one suggestion…plz sresanth should not be part of the team…..the only chance for the team to win is if he is not in the team…

  • Hats off to all who tried to get an IPL team for Kerala and especially Tharoor sir….
    As the guys said earlier we should have a great name for our team and don’t forget the players we need all the best players we can get…
    Pls for God sake don’t use any rubbish name like City cricketers…our name should be something that hit the heart of everyone….

  • i hope the name starts with KERALA instead of Kochi. Taroor Trivandrum MP and Venu Trissur based business man created this team to represent whole of kerala in front of the world not kochi.
    So the name should start with Kerala, something like how rajasthan royals and kings 11 punjab has done.

  • i also think the name must be something with kerala—–reasons:::unlike other regions in india,kerala can be cinsidered as a whole is a single city and that it will boost kerala tourism as well.and that we all malayalees feel proud to be referred to as keralite than beinga cochinite{{{{even cochin people prefer so}}}}}}}}………..kerala rocks

    nextly about team name tag::it should be something of a standard or urban mixed with iconic name….cochin cobras is just ok—may be a 3.5/5 star name……..but please not anything like super kings or dare devils……..kiddoo names………mumbai indian is a very perfect name….hope something like that will come up……… kerala legions,kerala lords,chiefs,rapros,geckos

    and about jersey and design::::please have some good looking color,so that we can feel very comfortable earing it….no more blue or red or violet or yellow…….y not ASH or light blue or light brown..{{{i dont like green}..
    and some neat and simple designs….like newzealand leaf…{{not caribean style one}….hope this comment will reach the aimed ones…..!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • We would like the team’s name to be probably “Kochi Maiden Warriors”

  • a fantastic name for the team is very essential…………jersey too……..i agree with nazeel 4 da quote dat kearla shud be used instead f cohin or even travancore is enough……………….names lyk travancore tigers, royal travancore tigers, travancore scintillators,exterminators unleash……….etc………regarding the jersey, i don’t agree with him……….jersey shud be highlightin’…………see knightriders n royal challengers….their jersey is gud coz f golden colour………just lyk dat, an extraordinary colour combination is necessary…………violet is a cool colour…….dont try ash n all……..dull colur……….maroon n golden also willl be nice……..but, difference in colour pattenrs shud b there………our symbol shudn’t be simple lyk maple leaf or palm leaf even though kerala is full f coconut trees…………symbol shud represent the vigour inside our hearts……….it shud be sumthng meaningful……………..

  • I dont know y all these trivandrum guys are talking about the name strating with trivandrum tigers , tuskers etc. The ipl team is for the state of kerala.,not for the trivandrum. U guys gotchaaaaa. And there is only one place in kerala where we can find the doomdham of IPL & that is the greater COCHIN. In the IPL auction the name was cochin not kerala Or trivandrum. Trivandrum was not even there in the picture, & for what reason is that these people saying that TRV should come.
    Itz not the choice of cochin or trv, itz from the people who bought the IPL for kerala & they will decide, what the name should be????
    Cochin is the apt place for IPL in kerala. B,coz of the transportation, money , style, & infrastructure. So that s y cochin should come in the name of our IPL team & we all cochitezzz are hoping for the best.

  • Hey, It is understood that why these guys from all around Kerala talks about the name that should be for the Kochi IPL team. I think its time to get together and wait for the team to come up with a great name and jersy as the team officials will definetly have their choice and it will be great as they do not want their team name sounds bad or the jersy. After all, they have done a wonderful job to bring the team for kerala and we dont forget that fact. Yes, it is good that we all come up with some beatiful names. Let’s cheer for our team………. Good luck…

  • Why no Sreesanth??? I dont understand why dont want to have Sreesanth in the Team, he is goin thru a lean patch, and even in IPL 3 he is been good in couple of matches….He is a person who comes back with a BANG, just like he did in SA few years back and in the home series against Sri Lanka. Dont forget his spell in the first t20 world cup semi final against Australia, he picked up 2 important wickets (Gilly and Haydos) while led us to the finals… he should play, not as a captain. we need his agression as a bowler.. Team name should be something like God’s own Devils or Cochin Sultans

  • Its a good news for us .An IPL team for cochin. But the thing is please dont take that damn shit sreesanth. It gonna kill the team image and everything. So dont do thta.PLease pls………

    All the best for OUR team.!!!!!!

  • Guys i think the name should be “Cochin Comrades” 🙂

    No need to check for a different logo also..!

  • Folks, i think the name of the team should be COCHIN UNITED. It would be a definite success like Manchester United. And about Cobras, Knights, Demons, Devils, Rangers etc. It just doesn’t sound good for a place like Kochi. We malayalees are always united for any cause and so should be for a name. And players like Ricky Ponting, Luke Wright, Afridi, Chanderpaul, Micheal Clarke, O brien, Steve Harmison, Imran Nazir and Glenn McGrath should be welcomed to God’s own country. And the concentration should go more towards the localites which should contain atleast 3 who have played for Indian team+young brigades who are talented. IPL, here comes Cochin.

  • Some how the other the Kochi tag has fallen on the team probably an underground play by TC Mathew. This IPL team has nothing to do with Kochi in reality.crickets experts say that if at the home matches of the Kerala IPL team is played in Kochi it will not be untill 2013 due to the non availability of the stadium. Kaala pettannu ketta pade kayaredukunna polae the authorities have started rennovating the kaloor stadium without knowing that the flood lights are not good enough for cricket matches played at night. The erection appropriate lighting is time consuming & will take another 3 years. Edakochi will be a dream untill 2014.The prposed land is marshy & cumbersome for piling.bcci haven’t sanctioned any fund for the same & tht will leave it to Trivandrum to host matches in 2012 at the 50000 seater international stadium to be completed by 2011 last. Somebody mentioned here Kochi has style.. Kochi is marred by dirt &mosquitoes and lacks style. I ve been living in Kochi for 12 years & TVM for 5 years. I find TVm more clean & stylish.moreover this team is meant for Kerala and not njanga Kochi alone.

  • News that came in “The Hindu” of July 31, 2006

    THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The Kerala Cricket Association has decided to establish an international cricket stadium in Thiruvananthapuram with the cooperation of the State Government and the Capital Development Forum. Announcing this and other decisions taken at the day-long meeting of the KCA’s Central Council meeting here on Sunday, the KCA president, S. Karunakaran Nair said two possible locations to establish the stadium, with all modern amenities, have been identified and a proposal to get the required land on a long-term lease would be submitted to the Government soon. The identified sites were located in Kazhakoottam and Kudapanakkunnu, near to the proposed Collectorate.
    What happened to d proposed stadium & how come Edakochi suddenly appear in d scene?
    Now can we believe dt once dismissed as a halucination that the Kochi lobby exist?

  • Joke of the year
    Kochi IPL team!

    Owners: Mostly GUJARATIs
    Mentor:TRIVANDRUM M.P.
    Co owner:vivek venugopal
    From TRICHUR
    Equity holder:
    Sunanda- KASHMIRI
    Home ground:AHMEDABAD

    There is not even an office boy from Kochi in ths consortium.
    Then why do they call it a Kochi team…funny.

    What was the TC Mathew doing at the bid? Promoting Mr.Tharoor’s stakes or his own?

  • Few Questions regarding Kochi IPL team.
    1. Knowing that the Kaloor stadium’s lighting was not good enough for night matches & the KCA stadium@ Edakochi will not be ready untill 3-4 years time, why did Shasi Tharoor romp in for a team with Kochi base rather than Trivandrum(which is his constiuency), where an international stadium is getting ready by 2011 last?
    2.Why did TC Mathew got involved in the whole thing obviously knowing dt matches will not be possible in Kochi untill 2014 or so? Why didn’t he suggest Trivandrum as he’s the secretary of Kerala Cricket association & not of Kochi cricket association?
    3. Why did the present governing council of Kerala Cricket Association thwart the earlier decision of building a cricket stadium at Trivandrum(clearance was given by the Government) and shift the location to some marshy land in Edakochi?
    Shasi Tharoor’s vested interests have been the Kerala Government should order an enquiry into the strange conduct of the KCA.

  • Trivandrum makale, assoya peettittu oru kariyam illa. what so ever, if a ipl team comes from kerala, it is only from cochin. Trivandrum ommbi ninnal mathy, this bloody nature is the big curse of our kerala. Cochin is the commercial hub of kerala, all the multi crore projects are comming over to cochin, so trivandrum people are so jealous about the cochin. and they are the ones who gives the jack to most of the projects. You people are so sad about your tvm, beign the capital of the state no one is concerned about Tvm, pavangallu. Kochiyude vallill kettan ulla yogyatha undo tvm. Go shit over trivandrum, hiihihhiihi.
    Eagerly waiting for the reply from ommbiya trivadrum makkallee.
    Lovers Cochin.

  • Malkinson, I reckon that you come from a fishermen family from your name and your derogatory words. Using words like “oombi” in a public forum shows the kind of background and are coming from. Read the posts carefully and reply with substance. If your mind is lethargic for not doing so, people with level headedness are helpless. You come frm a background where your forefathers have converted for few shiny coins. Continue to use your verbal diahorrea which will make you a chronic regionalistic swine. Go watch the namesake Kochi team’s game in Ahmedabad. If u have a habit of reading papers you’ll know araannu oombi poyathennu?

  • Dear Makrison..prove the facts given in my post wrong rather than talking like an ignorant aboriginee and using derogatory words. Prove me wrong if I’ve posted something false.if you had done that I’d have respected you.You are not consummate enouhh to do that, instead you behave like a mentally retarded goon. Just like the Kochi IPL teams pathetic situation of playing home matches in Gujarat, time will tell which city has the say.we’ve been facing Trivandrum bashing for long, the no. Of projects hijacked is phenomenal. I’m definetely not against Kochi coz its a home away frm home for me.kochi’s development will benefit the whole of Kerala.and surprisingly 52 % of Kochi’s population come from outside Kochi.I’m against those people who show a regionalist bias. There are lots of examples.the first thing Kochi need is multicrore for eradicating mosquitoes.Makrison I’m sorry to say that you are a great example of a frog in the well.

  • Hiihihhih nice  reply buddy, i can feel the vibration in ur words of sadness, ignorance & the pathetic situation of  tvm guys. No probs man, better luck nxt time. And about my fisherman language hihihihii, i am helpless  and i dont have any regrets. That was not the one which i thought to write, understood. You tvm are all well educated white coller people , we doesent  have the standard of yours & i really like your vibrant words used in the comment. l was noticing ur comments abt our cochin  in  ipl, what do you thought of cochites, eda mone ithu pazhe kochi alladaa. hihihiih
    And about the comment, y did that non keralites opt for cochin rather than any other district ???
    Live in the present situatiion & accept the truth. Doesnt know whether we keralites will get that ipl team for us or not. Apart from that  you filthy tvm creatures want the team from tvm. 
    Makalle perra kathumboll vazha vettellada.
    Non cochites are more in cochin. But the fact is that cochin is not the, only city facing this probs other metros in india are also facing this probs. As the city grows, that will aslo grow.
    And for your kind attention mosquitoes are the city bird of cochin. and the only city in the world where city  owns a bird, hihiihihihi.
    Should reply as fast as u can with so many executive words, really intresting  to make fun of u. people.

  • @Malkinson @jotishnair
    Why are you taking this as an open fight between trivandrum and cochin?
    An IPL team regardless of the fact whether they play from cochin or Trivandrum is a great achievement for Kerala. we should stand united against the forces which try to take the team from kerala to Ahamedabad
    Why cant we use jawaharlal nehru stadium as the homeground…if the lighting of the stadium is problem…will it take that much time to change the floodlights of a stadium than building a new stadium…it all depends upon willpower…we all should support Mr.Tharoor who has that…
    let the Kerala IPL team come true with its homeground in Kerala itself….

  • Yes u r absolutely correct, who started this nasty comments on cochin square ? I am a cohinite & apart from that i am an Indian. One who says against these iconic names, will be jacked.Every one should understand that this ipl team is not for cochin itself. Its is for the state of Kerala.And y we cochinites say the name should start from cochin, is b’coz of simple love for our Greater cochin. WE all can only suggest the name for our team, but the sole bussiness people who bought the team will decide what the name should be ?
    And we should follow. Apart from that we keralites still don’t know, whether we will get an ipl team from our state. B’coz of nasty politics and greedy commissioner. Letz hope that Mr. Sashi taroor & Rendezvous sports will take the team back to our soil.

  • the new name could be, KOCHI SPIT FIRE, this is a unique name compared to some king, or warrior, or a cobra!! KOCHI SPIT FIRE is amazing!!!!

  • right buddy u are going too far from the topic… u are talking about English….by the way u are writing in this forum it can be known that how much english u know…. and for ur information if u dont 

  • hihhihih, here comes the another fool from Delhi. Who told that Delhi is nothing against Kerala,we dint comment any vulgarity against Delhi. We all respect the Iconic name DELHI, Coz itz our capital of the country. This is not a forum to take personal grudge against each other of a same country on the basis of colour.
    I am surprised that Delhi owns this type of culture less residents over there, i never knew…….
    Who started this bloody comments against us, if u don’t know the full story plz read the above comments made by ur mentally retarted friend from Delhi.
    i think he has enough with us. Plz be calm & think with ur commonsense and not with the nonsense.

  • kochi team has no one from kochi!not even a chai walla ,! this proves and shows the greatness of my city ,! the greatness that made the investors skip all other cities and made kochi the name of their team! 😀 .,;

  • ya everything is good and right but the biggest problem with kochi and cant be seen with any other city in India is  1)its rapidly developing in private and ppp mode; more development should come from govt side or kochi would be some thing like kochi pvt ltd!
                               2)its developing forgetting its lower class and middle class 90% of its new projects are only affordable by the high end of the society ; later or sooner kochi could become island for filthy rich people only p;lease prevent that!

  • kochi ipl matches 2011 will be held at kaloor intl stadium , CONFIRMED 
    name and logo to be released in this month itself!

  • Cochin is always cochin i don want to compare it with trivandrum as it d’n deserve that cochin should be compared with bangalore or bombay why we sate time in comparing with trivandrum?? And the ipl team should start with cochin not kerala , as it is an international brand…also cochin or kochi is more heard in international foorums than kerala , also kochi sounds better than kerala 

  • please please tvm should not be venue for any kochi matches ( the stadium would be deserted and it could be  a disgrace to our city!)

  • Btw God’s Own Devils (GOD it self :D) is pretty kwool.. Bravos d inventer 😉
    Talkng abt jersy a blend of pink nd ash ll be eye catching

  • Please prefer the following names of Kochi IPL team:

    Kerala Jumbos
    Kochin Dreams
    Sabari-Mala-yalam, Kochi
    Kerala Crackers
    Kochin Crackers
    Kairali Kochi crickets

  • i am very happy for the kochi ipl team our palyers are good line up good selection ganguly also coming our side this good decesion of selectors.
    TEAM NAME in my mind : kochin eleven OR kobras kerala


    partiv patel
    mc cullum
    jayawardene [c]
    klinger/ hodge
    raiphi vincent
    r p singh/ vinay kumar

  • very good team,go ahead and win IPL4 and i am giving all the very best wishes for our kerala team .

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