The Chottanikara temple located 16 kilometers northwest of Kochi is a famous Hindu temple whose presiding deity is the Hindu mother God Bhagavathy . The Bhagwathi is worshipped in three revered forms as Saraswathi in the morning Bhadrakali at noon and as Durga in the evening draped in white, crimson and blue respectively.Lord Vishnu is the worshipped alongside the Bahgawathi.This temple was constructed in the 10th century.

Alongside the main deity the temple also consists of the Kizhukkavu Bhagavathy temple and other shrines  for Sastav, Ganapathi, Nagas and other Upa devas. Devotees include divine souls like Adisankaracharya, Vilwamangalam Swamiyar, Kakkasseri Bhattathiri and Chemmangattu Bhattathiri. The temple opens at 4.00 am everyday. It is said that that the Devi at Mookambika is present when the Sanctum Santorum opens everyday and that the temple at Kollur opens only later after the Devi leaves Chottanikara temple.

The ritual called the Guruthi pooja is done in the Keezhukkaavu  temple at Chottanikkara to invoke the goddess. This ritual is performed everyday. The famous religious festival of this temple is the chottanikkara magam(feb/march) .Devotees flood the temple for this auspicious occasion . Panchavadya and Nadaswara performances accompany the festival procession. The devi is accompanied by Lord Sastha on 11 caparisoned elephants. It’s a grand site to behold. Its believed that the mere sighting of tthe Devi adorned with jewelry  and garlands redeems one from the sins and grants all that the devotee desires. The Bhadrakaali at Kizhukkavu after conducting the Bhajanam is believed to exorcise the evil spirits. The pleasant atmosphere gives solace and peace to the devotees.