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How about a Naadan Kerala Fest here in the busy Cochin city life ?? A fest that showcases traditional artforms and brings you the  traditional tastes of Kerala… Sounds good rite !! Chavara Cultural Centre is bringing the excitement for the Kochi guys via their “Chavara Fest 2010 ” this December !!

Chavara fest is a grand festival conducted for the first time in Kerala from 03 December 2010 t0 06 December 2010 @ Rajendra Maithanam, Kochi. The fest is associated with DTPC and Folklore Academy. Chavara fest aims to encourage traditional art forms and taste of Kerala. The fest facilitates the cultural artists and also provide an opportunity for the inhabitants of old age homes and orphanage to view and enjoy the programme. There will be  live performances by leading artists from the industry in terms of Politics, Culture traditions, Business etc.. The entry for the fest is absolutely free.

Besides the cultural events the other highlights of the fest are :

  • Naadan Kala Mela
  • Naadan Bhakshya Mela

Naadan Kala Mela will showcase the traditional artforms of Kerala :

Thullal, Koodiyattom, Thiruvathirakali, Oppana, Kolkkali, Duffmuttu, Krishnanattom, Chavittunadakam,
Kurumbar Nirtham, Kaanikkar Nirtham, MarghamKali, Kalaripayattu, Kaadar Nritham, Elelakkaradi, Paniyar kali, Man Kali, Parvallikali, Mudiyattom, Koorankali, Thavalakali, Edaya Nirtham, Naikkar kali, Gadhika, Kambara nirtham, Theruvu Nadakam, Nadan Pattu

Naadan Bhakshya Mela brings out the traditional tastes and the event organizers says that it will be fully traditional from making, preparing and serving !!

Kappa, Chena, Kachil, Chembu, Chakka, Kanji, Pappad, Pickle, Thoran, Chammandi

Different types Meen Curry, Manga Curry, Chiratta puttu

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