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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows : Part 1 | Movie Review

Funeral wreaths at the ready, for Harry Potter is bowing out. The record-breaking film series, adapted with a stentorian reverence from the JK Rowling bestsellers, totters towards the exit door at the end of a nine-year, seven-picture marathon, as its total running time nudges 20 hours and its inhabitants age before our eyes. Yes, it really is […]

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” Male, Indian, Age : 21 ” Exhibition at Kashi art gallery,Cochin

Kashi art gallery located at Burgher Street is organizing  Dibin K Thiliakan’s  Solo exhibition  “Male, Indian, Age: 21” . The exhibition will be inaugurated on November 7th 6 30 pm and will be opened to public . The exhibition will continue till the end of the month. Visit Kashi art gallery to experience some real […]