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The Launches in Cochin  …. Sounds like just another dental clinic, right ?? But this one is  really advanced  and quick . Get a new smile in an instant. The from pramod clinic has opened in Cochin . The facility to make a better smile has opened its centre in Kadavanthra. The core areas of the centre […]

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War Against Mosquitoes

The residents of Cochin have had enough . Its pay back time. Its been a long time since Cochin is known for its brutal Mosquito infestation. Its time to show them why we are  in the top of the food chain. Some residents of Cochin has started the war against mosquitoes and Kochi corporation has […]


Cardiovascular disease, endemic proportions in India…

Cardiovascular disease(CVD) is a broad term encompassing all disorders related to heart and the blood vessels which supply the entire body. Heart = cardio            Blood Vessels = Vascular Though one cannot prevent all forms of cardiovascular disease, one can certainly help prevent acquired conditions, i.e. for instance, HTN(Hypertension or elevated blood pressure) by exercising, eating heart […]


Cervical Cancer, preventable and yet a serious public health risk in India

Once thought to be a major health risk for rural health and impoverished communities, cervical cancer has also hit the streets of affluence in India. With growing number of young people  migrating to big cities, away from the confines of their families, in search of prosperity, has resulted in greater expression of independence and sexual freedom. What is Cervical […]

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Special Eye checkup camp for diabetic patients in Cochin

A special Eye Check up camp will be held at Gurudwara, Sri Guru Singh Sabha at Thevara on 9th Wednesday . The camp will be held in association with Giridhar eye institute . The camp is intended only for diabetic patients and will begin at 9.00 am and will conclude at 12.15 pm . For […]