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Are you being Spy’d upon with a Pen?

Kochi market is currently seeing an influx of these pens from various makers in China. After a successful stint with Chinese Mobile Phones in Kerala, they are now hitting the Cochin shores with these tiny, impressive and potentially dangerous gadgets. James Bond Fan? The kind of reporter who goes to all the wrong places at […]

Events News

Dream Hotel Cochin

With the claim that “Dream Hotel will be a new benchmark of hotel services in Cochin”, there is a lot of expectation from this amazing project. I first started noticing it a few days when I rode through Elamkulam Jn. and saw this tall structure with a blue neon lighting which almost blinded me. According […]

Citizenspeak Health News

Mosquitoes in Cochin

If you are a resident of Cochin, you might have noticed that the pesky blood suckers have increased in numbers and peskiness with people running haywire to get indoors by 6pm in the evenin so reduce the feirceness of the attack of mosquitoes in Cochin. Indoors offer little respite though with these mosquitoes getting immune […]


Kochi Police Goes Hi-Tech

The Cochin city Police is all set to tackle the traffic volators by upgrading its force into Hi-Tech gadgetery. After the Banglore (Bangaluru) Police found some good success with the usage of gadgets, Kochi Police is trying its hands with the Blackberry to book the notorious violators in Cochin City. Starting this tuesday, four cops […]