Trash, Trash…it is everywhere!

Well, I decided to take an urban hike from Palarivattom to the heart of the Ernakulam city through back roads last sunday given the traffic would be less and with the hope that I may come across some unexpected and pleasant surprises unseen during my usual jaunts. However, I was entirely disappointed, only to find more of the same, […]

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Script 2011, International Short Film Festival

Did any one attend ‘Script 2011’, an international Short Film Festival promoted by Rotary International District 3201/Rotary Club of Cochin Metropolis, held on Jan 28 & 29th at  the Fine Arts Hall in Ernakulam/Kochi. Well, I did for a few hours on both days…fantastic event!  It was a collection of poignant short film clips made by […]


Progress,Prosperity, Social responsiblity

Am a proud owner/driver of a BMW in the States but I simply don’t get it… why own a BMW or any expensive car in Kochi or anywhere else in India. The beauty of owning such a car is the ability to drive smooth and fast….so tell me, where is the advantage outside of displaying wealth, consume […]

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The Adventurists’ Rickshaw Run

Has anyone heard about the ‘Richshaw Run’ ? I was showing some American friends around Kochi a week ago,when I came across a group of  non Indians playing soccer with some local young boys and then later, a larger of the same group, holding a big bash celebration at the Bolghatty Palace Hotel grounds. They were part […]


Cochin vs Kochi vs Ernakulam

Ok let me get this out in the open once and for all. What do we call our city? Cochin, Kochi or Ernakulam? On Monday the Kerala High Court admitted a public interest litigation which contends that no area other than Cochin Corporation and those included in the Kochi Taluk should be called Cochin. The […]