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Beware Kochi Smokers

It is going to be a very tough time for smokers of Kochi from July 18th. If found smoking in public places, you will be fined Rs 200 on the spot by the anti-tobacco squad that will patrol the Ernakulam district. Let me make you more familiar with “PUBLIC PLACES”. Usually public places mean those […]

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‘Sentinel’ a security application for women from our own Kochi

MindHelix Technologies ,a Kochi based IT company, has launched an app called SENTINEL which is the first app designed with women’s security in mind. The app can send instant alerts in case of any problems. A forced power-off of the phone or an improper exit of the application will trigger an alert to be sent. […]

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Anti-Drug Campaigns to be launched by Schools in Kochi

Drug conception is a cancer that carving in the students of all age groups nowadays. In order to tackle and rectify this hazardous habit, schools have come forward with the plans. The C.B.S.E. schools are doing this act by allowing their students to come forward for the same. Their motto is to make the students […]

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The Jewish Synagogue in Kochi is for sale

True, a very significant historical monument and a Jewish Worship place, the Thekumbhagom Synagogue, at Jew street, Ernakulam is up for sale.A section of the Jewish community has started off the efforts to sell this historical monument, which was built in 1580 and later renovated in 1939. Few years ago similar attempts were made, and […]