Cappucino in Cochin

Want to kick back, relax with your best buddies? But can’t decide where to go?

Don’t know for sure which place is good?

Well, check out our pick of the most happening cafes in Cochin….

Pick 1 : Barista

Location : Bay Pride Mall, Marine Drive.

This spot is the hippest and trendiest part of town. Ambience to kill for, some might say. Gaze upon the glazing waters as you gulp down your coffee.

Must not miss : Cappucino

Pick 2 : Cafe Coffee Day

Location : Well there are CCD’s all over the place, but I recommend the one at Fort Cochin.

The beach might barely be an attraction anymore, but the spot itself is worth hanging out at.

Must not miss : (Sigh) Where do I start from??

Pick 3 : Cocoa Tree

Location : Smack in the middle of town. South, MG Road. Ground floor of the Avenue Regent Hotel.

The prices might be on the slightly higher side, but yet again, here we have a crowd to kill for.

Must not miss : Nothing, as long as you can afford it, and don’t end up having to do the dishes.

Pick 4 : Kashi Art Cafe

Location : Fort Cochin. Not exactly sure where. Been there only once.. Somewhere in the maze…

Art, peaceful environment, and good food.. Everything mankind ever needed to sustain itself..

Must not miss : Those killer cakes..

So. Hopefully you guys aren’t still scratching your heads.

Disclaimer : The author of this post has often been accused of having weird tastes.. If you got complaints, NO, I don’t have a phone number.. just put in some comments..