BurgerMan coming to Cochin by 2011

Burgers !! Burgers !! Burgers is gonna go Krazzzyy !!! Heard about BurgerMan ?? The answer doesn’t matter… But what matters is that, BurgerMan is coming to Kochi !!!!!!!

Chennai-based BurgerMan Foods India Private Limited is planning to add 12 food kiosks in Cochin by the start of the next calendar year, said its chief executive officer Sunil Cherian. BurgerMan have been delightfully serving people delicious burgers with over 40 outlets.

“The idea is to offer burgers that suit the tastes of the cosmopolitan target audience between 12 and 35 years, and make it convenient to be consumed on the road side – just like mirchi bajji or paani puri but in a hygienic way,” says the 24-year-old entrepreneur.

So whats the speciality of BurgerMan ??

The hotdogs, burgers etc served are low fat, low calorie and healthy !! And the main attraction is that, its light in your pocket !!!

Lets see what the media says about BurgerMan


  • Hi

    I invested for a Burgerman franchise for Navi Mumbai in July 2010. As per agreement half the amount was paid in advance and the rest was to be paid while setting up the kiosk after the master franchise was appointed in Mumbai. Till Oct-Nov, it did not take off and in December when I called I was informed that my advance would be refunded as the master franchise has not taken off. Since then I am following every week for the refund as it is a significant amount and I am repeatedly getting dates of refund from Burgerman which is never honored. Finding this extremely unprofessional and untruthful.

    Can anyone share their experience or would have any idea why they are doing this? If they are serious about growing business elsewhere.
    I would follow for some time before I chose any other option. Any advise is welcome.