Booktime calls out all kiddo book-readers and storytellers at Kahawa Bistro

Booktime’ calls out all the kiddo storytellers and book readers from Cochin. As we all know that kids always live in their own world of fantasies. What would be better than this amazing event to explore the level of imagination and creative thoughts of your own kid; you never know your child may swipe you off your feet. Booktime is an initiative of 26 x 7 and is hoisted by Kahawa Bistro and this is their first event this year. Last year Booktime had worked with close to 50 children and this time they hope to cover more than thousand children.

Booktime is a book reading and storytelling session for children in the age group of 4-8 years. So come out to Kahawa  Bistro along with your little heart, sip a cup of coffee and prepare to get lost in their wonderland. Jump in and join the fun, you better don’t miss this.

The details of this event are below:booktime