BlackBerry Port-A-Thon – Dec 14-15, 2012


December 13, 2012

One thought on “BlackBerry Port-A-Thon – Dec 14-15, 2012

  1. Thanks for bringing this up. Start up village & their app development marketing are not for mainstream developers. Several Kochi based developers many of them known to me attempted contacting Mr.Siju of Startup Village, few months back to discuss BB10 platform & means to train new staff for the same. Many of us had received fresh funds or were looking to invest in new areas. He kept cutting all of our calls and responded with unfriendly text messages. Everyone of us who either own or work for different organisations all over Kerala, eventually decided to invest further in iOS & Android. Internationally customer requirement continues to grow for Android & iOS. App developers care only about long term ROIs and not 100$ peanuts. As always BB chugs on with its trademark behaviour – Too Little Too Late. Sorry Start Village, you took way too long to start yourself up. Everyone has better things to do now.

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