Biryani Galore @ The Spice Route, Oberon

Happy news for all Biryani lovers here. The Spice Route,  One of the best restaurant in Cochin is organizing  an exclusive biryani fest – Biryani Galore from November 4 to 12th. The authentic spices, the tender meat, the aromatic rice are all set  to tease your taste buds. There will be something special for veggies too.

Non Veg Biryanis : Hyderabadi Chicken, Peshawari Mutton, Travancore Spicey Fish, Andhra Kitchen Shrimp, Pakistani Keema, Dum Beef, Malabar Beef

Veg Biriyanis : Kerala Kappa, Idiyappam, Tikka Paneer, Nawabi, Kashmiri

Rush in and experience something authentic and delicious 🙂

Location: The Spice Route, Oberon mall , Level 04

Date : November 04- 12