Bhoothathankettu lying in the Western Ghats in a vast tropical virgin forest is very popular among the picnic lovers. It is located in the village of Pindimana located at a distance of 10 kilometers from Kothamangalam town and 50 kilometers northeast of Kochi. Lying close to  Thattekkad Bird Sanctury. Two main irrigation projects of Ernakulam District  namely the Periyar Valley irrigation project and the Idamalayar Irrigation project  are located nearby . A wind farm is located  at Bhoothankettu.

Large stones are placed on both sides of the river Periyar to form the dam which looks as if the dam was made by some demons hence the name Bhoothankettu “Bhootham” meaning demon. Trekking is very popular among tourists among this place. Adventure lovers prefer this place as it promises much excitement . Occasional glimpses of wildlife can be had here.


  • I remember going there on tour from school. There is some big rock called “Ana para” I guess. And water bodies are nearby. When we were there, my best friend, Shyam slipped into the water and drowned completely. Luckily it was shallow so we could get him back easily.

    Its a great place to have fun at. Am not sure how it its now, but I think couples would love to spend time near the water.

    (I went there at an age of 11, and I made a note of that? Njan aalu kollalo.. 😛 )