Beware Kochi Smokers

It is going to be a very tough time for smokers of Kochi from July 18th. If found smoking in public places, you will be fined Rs 200 on the spot by the anti-tobacco squad that will patrol the Ernakulam district. Let me make you more familiar with “PUBLIC PLACES”. Usually public places mean those places which are accessed by the public. Public places includes all government offices, educational institutions, bus stands, bus waiting sheds, railway stations, stadiums, auditorium, roads, and all other religious spaces.

This is an initiative by the Ernakulam district administration for a tobacco free district. The anti-tobacco squad will include representatives of the Narcotics Cell, Excise Department, district medical officer, drug inspector, NGOs and a host of other government agencies. The main focus of this initiative would be on check of smoking in public places, refraining sales of cigarettes and other tobacco products near all educational institutions and banning the sale of tobacco products to children less than 18 years of age. The fines will be also imposed on product sellers for the violation of rules.