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Angamaly bus accident: When will we open our eyes?

Another accident happened in Angamaly. By now everyone knows that it is a danger zone. The NH from St.Joseph high school to Morning star college is very dangerous. Lots of accidents have taken place there and several people have died. The most recent one being the one over the bridge built near TELK . Roads […]


Akshaya Tritiya: A pseudo festival

Festivals are the greatest symbol of joy. Earlier our economy was agriculture based. After months of hard work celebration can be justified. Now we are heading towards capitalism! (but we are saying that we are a mixed economy). In capitalism or in a free economy, market forces determines everything. We, as the common man, only […]


Why I didn’t like ‘Katha Thudarunnu’

Sathyan Anthikad is a good filmmaker. That do not mean that all his movies are good. His earlier films told the tales of ordinary people. Because of the simplicity of these movies everyone liked it. The last film I liked from Sathyan was ‘Achuvinte Amma’. All the movies he made after that¬† were not good. […]

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Kochi gets multiplex at Oberon Mall

And it is not April fools joke for Cochin! Kochi today joins the prestigious list of cities which have a multiplex. On April 1,2010, the first multiplex of kochi will be inaugurated at the Oberon Mall. Inauguration is done by cine star Prithviraj. Cinemax started kochi multiplex. There are four screens in this multiplex, with […]


In Ghost House Inn: It is good, it is bad

Great comedy always make audience. In kerala it is evident that most of our super hit movies have the stain of clear comedies. We consider mimicry as an art form and we always love to see it. The humour sense is common among keralites as common sense. Especially I think in this context we are […]