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Video – Jew Street Cochin, The Synagogue and more…

I had been to the Jew Street of Cochin when I was a kid. I talked to some friends of mine from Israel and told them about this place in Cochin and about this particular set of Jews called the Cochin Jews. I decided that I would definitely go to the Jew Street when I […]


Oberon Mall – Cochin

I was able to visit the oberon mall, the biggest and(arguably) the most happening place in Cochin. I remember putting a update on facebook that I am visiting obron and most of my non-resident kerala pals asked me to get them a video of this much hyped place. Here it is, Oberon Mall for you:

Restaurants Videos

Pai Dosa in Cochin – Video

Dosas are one of the most preferred food with any veggie in South India. If you are in Cochin, and have not been to Pai Dosa, you must be 1. not a kochite, 2. nerd 3. buried in some grave. 36 varieties of the Pai dosas are a must try for any dosa lover. And […]