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Gutter Tourism 2.0

With 2011, we have come to the second version of Gutter Tourism. With the success of last year, it seems, the Corporation of Kochi has decided to preserve the natural landscape of our roads and help develop Kochi as a Internation Gutter Tourism Destination! Presenting – Gutter Tourism 2.0 Wondering What happened last year ? Check […]


The Roads to God @ Cochin

Yeah! its exciting that our public roads are becoming the ways to God!  As a regular traveler , i’m pretty sure that these  “Roads”  will help us to reach God without feeling much difficulty ,  one bounce and on the way to God! I  found that the  gutters possessed by these roads are compelling each other […]

Citizenspeak Featured Articles

5 Reasons why Smart City Project is Still Pending

TECOM , based in Dubai, is a subsidiary of Dubai Holding, a global company dedicated to knowledge and life-improving industries . Four years back they planned to install a  ‘Smart City’  project in kochi ( the queen of  Arabian Sea) and  laid foundation stone for the project. People who have been living under the darkness […]

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Cochin Thriller Nightmare

It’s close to Cochin and something  evil’s flying in the dark! Under the streetlight, you see some  flies that almost stops your heart You try to scream but the flies takes  you down before you make it You start to freeze as they began to feed on hot blood You’re paralyzed ‘Cause this is Cochin […]