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Are you being Spy’d upon with a Pen?

Kochi market is currently seeing an influx of these pens from various makers in China. After a successful stint with Chinese Mobile Phones in Kerala, they are now hitting the Cochin shores with these tiny, impressive and potentially dangerous gadgets. James Bond Fan? The kind of reporter who goes to all the wrong places at […]

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Head Mall-Ways this Christmas

This is perhaps the first Christmas I’ve spent in Cochin where there has been so much activity.. The city suddenly seem to have come to life… Lighting, shopping, more traffic jamming.. All in all, one heck of a crazy atmosphere.. But, what I was most impressed with was what the malls were doing… I’d never […]

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Volvo Ocean Race : Final Day

The Volvo Ocean Race Bandwagon has been in the city for some time…. And, I hadn’t checked it out… Today morning I woke up and said “What?! I need to check this out now !!” (Actually, today morning a friend called me up, and said “Get out of bed and come to Island you lazy […]

Mullapanthal Diaries…

Well, they say that food tastes better when you’re really really, as in really really, hungry.. Well, wonder if we (Me and a buddy of mine, the regular drunkards) were really hungry whenever we decide to drop in at the Mullapanthal Toddy Shop or if the food was just too AWESOME !! Anyhow, point is, […]


Cappucino in Cochin

Want to kick back, relax with your best buddies? But can’t decide where to go? Don’t know for sure which place is good? Well, check out our pick of the most happening cafes in Cochin…. Pick 1 : Barista Location : Bay Pride Mall, Marine Drive. This spot is the hippest and trendiest part of […]