Cochin vs Kochi vs Ernakulam

Ok let me get this out in the open once and for all. What do we call our city? Cochin, Kochi or Ernakulam? On Monday the Kerala High Court admitted a public interest litigation which contends that no area other than Cochin Corporation and those included in the Kochi Taluk should be called Cochin. The […]


A Wise Laptop Choice

Looking to get a new laptop? That space eating bulky desktop getting you down? Or you just want a portable device which you can use as you main machine for surfing the web, email & chat? Need to do some work on spreadsheets, excel sheets and or word documents for the office as well? And […]


Working In The Office On A Harthal Day

Prologue: I set my alarm for 3 am on my BlackBerry Curve and settled back to watch a movie that I had recently downloaded. Went to sleep at around midnight with about 25 minutes of the movie left to watch as my eyes were playing peek-a-boo-i-see-you on their own with no commands being given by […]


Hands On Review Of The BlackBerry Curve 8320

I’ve had the phone for 17 days now so I think it’s high time that I posted a proper review from my experiences. Right up front let me tell you that I absolutely, positively love this phone. Back in 2007 Jan I had included, among other things, getting a BlackBerry as one of my New […]


Fortune Isle Resort @ Koramkotta Dweep

Want to blow off some steam and get away from the stress of the city & the working life? How about a resort on a little tiny islet? Sounds like fun! A serene & calm place, Fortune Island Resort is located in Koramkotta Dweep, an islet, few kilometers away from Kochi town. The resort is […]