Are you being Spy’d upon with a Pen?

spy_pen_1Kochi market is currently seeing an influx of these pens from various makers in China. After a successful stint with Chinese Mobile Phones in Kerala, they are now hitting the Cochin shores with these tiny, impressive and potentially dangerous gadgets.

James Bond Fan? The kind of reporter who goes to all the wrong places at the wrong times, and don’t want to carry around a Nikkon SLR camera? Want to show off at college how much money your folks dish out for you?? Then this spy pen, also know as camera phones, are for you.

Manufactured by techno-major Numak, spy cameras are marketed by CSSMicrosys in the state. Known as USB digital video recorder, the pens are available in two different versions. The higher version, priced at Rs 3,500, has a recording time of 1 hr 51 minutes. The second one priced at Rs 2,600 has more recording time but less quality compared to the first. However, both devices have excellent voice quality and 2 GB recording capacity

These devices sold like hot samosas with the first shipment of 60 pieces to CSSMicrosys selling within 48 hours in Cochin/Kochi.

But the disturbing effects that this new, awesome technology  could have in the wrong hands barely need to be stated. YouTube is already flooded enough with questionable videos taken from mobile phones (not that I’ve seen any of them, Anand told me) One can only imagine what it’s going to be when there are a few thousands of these doing the rounds. (sigh)