Archana Kavi:”I AM BLESSED”

neelathaamara-movie-wallpapers-archana-01Now seeing the posters of Lal Jose’s next flick one would imagine the girl as one who has  been in the circle but believe  me Archana kavi is nowhere near. She portrays a very calm and silent girl or much better said the best adjective I might use would be her name ‘ kunjumallu’, which itself has all the sweetness that can make you diabetic. Anyway the point is the character that she plays has absolutely nothing to do with what she really is. Trust me! Spent 20mintues with her and you will know and as we sat down over a coffee to pen down something she almost eat my brains. No offense! But Archana is the kind of female that could very easily prove that “Kid! You aren’t nothing “… you will never find so much energy.Anyway the more I talk it might look like I am buttering her for our next interview though I would love one more sitting..

Anyway we got to know what she is made off and since I have so much to say I thought I will do it as two parts. So here it goes

So,Archana Jose  Kavi …you sound like you’re some kind of Geek ?

Yes I am! Why doubt?!

So what are your best friends?

Well… I love irritating people who are close to me… have you ever tried it??? It’s a lot of fun! He.. he. apart from that I love cooking… most of the people don’t believe that.. i don’t know why? My friends call me “house hold gal next door”… though I am really a lazy bum!

That’s a shocker? So this is what you used to do in your spare time?

I told u.. I am a lazy bum… ‘mood ki baat hai’… my hindi is still good! 😉

So how did you end up here with movies and stuff?

See I totally believe that I am God’s favorite child! I never wanted to be an actress… i was doing my BBA in kottayam… and I really wanted 2 do something, I tried getting into radio as a RJ but then I ended up being a VJ and from there my take off as an actress…

So no hard fight? Just a walk in the park ?

the funny part is that so many people die to be where I am now… but in my case I never wanted to be here… it came as a blessing… though it wasn’t a walk in a park…Cinema is never a walk in a park… there was a lot of emotional stress involved in it.. but at the end i would like 2 say- I AM BLESSED!

So what’s it like to be Archana Kavi ?

Ahhh..tricky questions ah. I am just another (extra)ordinary gal… hehe 🙂 the one thing I miss is my family.. and my mom made food…

Ok  so how was your transition to kunjumallu for ‘Neelathamara’ ?

Ahh now that’s the million dollar question. Kunjumallu is like my exact opposite which I thought would be difficult. But then I would like to thank my DAD.. he was very particular about me n my bro  should be ordinary malayalee kids… it was a rule at home that we speak in malayalam… and more over I have seen my aunts and amma do all kunjamallu job… so I was very much aware of it… though there was no practical knowledge …

Well lets get personel….Relatioships ??

Ah ha….not that easy…wait for more….



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