Airport – Seaport Road gets a four lane expansion

yeah, the second phase of the seaport – airport road project which is now existing over a distance of 13 Kms from HMT junction to irumpanam, is about to start . The plan is to get a four lane expasion from HMT junction to airport.which will be a 15 kilometres in length.The RBDCK( road and bridges development corporation of kerala) is gearing up for the purpose,and the decision came from the meeting held on monday chaired by corporation MD, M.Beena.

Around 100 hectares of land needs to be acquired for the four lane road, which runs parallel to the NH 47 at some places. And two bridges also to be built across river periyar on the initial phase itself. RBDCK is probing the possibilty of availing a loan from NABARD for the same.

What do you think about this new development which is about happen in our city? Please share you views.


  • hey

    That’s one gr8 news man,seaport-airport road is going into 4 lane,I was born n brought up near to the place where the second phase of 4 lane is gonna start,hope you all share this joy