Air Asia in Cochin – Bonus Video included!

AirAsia-cochinI was tipped off about the Air Asia, the Malasian carrier and its launch in Cochin International Airport Limited (CIAL) from the newspapers last week. What actually caught my attention and what stood apart from the already loss making airline launches in India was the fact that they are the first carrier to abolish the fuel surcharge and the administration fee.

If you have been a air traveller for long you will notice the immediate difference in fare it will set forth. Hold on to your seats while I tell you the rates to travel from Cochin to Malay – RM 129, which converts to just 1800 Indian Rupees!

Air Asias’ current prices are just an introductory offer and is expected to go up from July 2010. While this news is a bit stale, I was able to sneak a video from the depth of YouTube archives which will possibly explain how fares can be this low.

Do watch the video and let me know your comments and do not forget to visit their site for more information on ticket rates!

This video is for humour only and is not related to the Air Asia airline or its services in any way whatsoever.


  • Hey brother..Video is very funny..But in case of Air asia its not the same..
    currently am in malaysia..i had travelled in this airline before..i must say they ar the best even better than that..
    Their flights are even better than our air india express..normal rate to cok will b arnd 300-400.
    current one is promotion offer..They give out this types of offer occassionaly..Above All the wonder is that the Owner of Airasia is the 4th richest person in malaysia..

  • I have booked 4 seats with Air Asia from Abu Dhabi to Malayasia and return for 22nd March 2010
    Now news is spreading that Air Asia is discontinuing their service to Abu Dhabi sector with immediate effect. Even last week Air Asia Collected millions from Gulf passengers offering special low fares in this sector. This means only one thing – they are No: 1 crooks in the market.
    BEWARE. It is one civilized way of looting people.