Questions about the site: Getting started and using the site.

What is CochinSquare and why should I use it?

CochinSquare is an online community created for Cochin by Cochin.

Every day, CochinSquare bloggers post entries to the site about local topics. And every day, CochinSquare users comment on those entries. The result is a lively, authentic conversation about all things Cochin.

Who owns CochinSquare?

The site was created by MeteoGeometry, which also operates websites such as, and many others.

How can I participate, how can I become a part of CochinSquare?

You can participate as a user by registering for a profile on CochinSquare. All users can post comments on CochinSquare blogs.

If you are a blogger and think your blog may be a good fit for the CochinSquare network, please pitch us at For more details, see below.

Is there an easy way to keep up with what’s going on across CochinSquare?

To follow along with the development of CochinSquare, you can choose to receive daily updates on your email or subscribe using RSS.

How can I get CochinSquare on the go?

Our mobile site is the same as the one you are viewing now. Only when you visit us through a mobile phone, you will be shown a mobile friendly layout. No sub-domains to bookmark! Simple eh?

If I have a question not listed above, how can I get in touch?

You can contact us using the contact form or email us directly at