Abhiyanthriki 2010 at Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology Cochin

Rajagiri School of engineering is organizing inter college technical fest on starting from September 16  to 18 . The  event is titled Abhiyanthriki .

Abhiyanthriki would be an ideal platform for engineering students from all over the country to interact as well as put their skills to test. Consistent with our idea of holistic excellence an exciting array of events have been lined up each covering diverse domains. From technical events like robo-maze, best hardware and software engineer, Linux kernel debugging to non-technical events like best manager quiz and gaming the assortment is well laid out.

Plug in to Abhiyanthriki 10 – prove your mettle in a nationwide confluence of talent.

Abhiyanthriki promo video

For more info Visit: www.abhiyanthriki.in

Contact: abhiyanthriki@rajagiri.in

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