A sadhya @ ELA!!


Yes, that’s right – Sadhya ( a sumptuous lunch offering in Kerala) at ELA, not on Ela!! ELA, meaning leaf, usually tender banana leaf, is the name of the restaurant recently opened in the heart of Cochin City. Set in a modern ambience ELA is located on the busy roads of Marine Drive and intends to bring to people traditional Kerala cuisine in its whole fervor.

ela-7What’s so special about ELA? That’s the first question I posed to George K George, Director at Infra Hotels and Resorts, incidentally, George is also the Chef cum Owner of ELA. “We have on offer only authentic Kerala dishes and do not intend to dilute the concept by adding other elements. We aspire to be known for our home style comfort food” said George.

On being asked what his hobby is, George didn’t take second before answering, “Just one – Cooking. Every dish that leaves the kitchen has to be monitored and personally stamped to ensure quality adherence. That alone keeps me busy through the day. In other words I have been able to utilize my hobby to build a professional career”.

Having worked at reputed hotels in the country, George, an entrepreneur by heart decided to be one in the year 2008 which resulted in ELA and The Attic (specializing in continental cuisine and located right on top of ELA). George’s family consists of his wife Susanna and daughter Hannah who is a student @ The Choice School.

The menu at ELA includes typical home fare like Kanji with Payar and Chuttaracha chammanthi, puttu with kadala, idiappam and a selection of naadan biryani. Menu also includes a whole range of seafood specialties with kingfish, pearl spot, squid, prawns and crab with an equal selection of vegetarian choices. The menu also highlights some of the Chef’s specialties.

Be it for a quick afternoon meal or a leisurely dinner in the evening, food lovers are already flocking to ELA. The reasonable pricing of food items is done keeping in mind the regular customer who walks in for his daily meals. The domestic as well as international tourists who want to experience the Kerala cuisine during their travel to Kochi must check out this joint.

“Our aim is to promote traditional fare and to create awareness on the food from diverse regions of Kerala”, signs off George. Plans are also afoot to organize some special events and food festivals at ELA in the near future.

See you all soon for a Sadhya @ ELA!!!