A Memory Called Cochin

After a long gap of more than 5 years, I happened to be at Cochin for a week, during my last month of training at Cochin. Meeting up with my relatives was relatively a tough task, because most of the residential areas had changed beyond recognition. Well, that’s bound to happen when some cities keep developing rapidly.

When it comes to our age old Mallu tradition, prosperity was all about buying lands here and there and keeping them as assets for the younger generations. Today the trend at Cochin has changed to buying Flats & Apartments. The so called “younger generations” have found land to be of no useful purpose. Or is it the laziness that has cropped up with the advent new technologies, that has made us not interested in utilizing a piece of land.

Coming back to some factors in Cochin which have not changed so far was a bit funny to notice. The same rush at traffic signals & bus stops. More automobiles for the upper class & less public buses for the middle class. The same wastes dumped here & there with a “pleading” smell to be carried by the municipality. The same scene at temples in the morning swarming with school folks with their exam special prayers (Which was once done by me and my pals). Window shopping youngsters staring at Lee-Cooper, Puma & Levis stores. The LONG q at Chic king for SHORT pieces of Chicken. Well some things should not change. Take care.

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